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What is ArtFeedback.com?
    The main goal of this site is to give feedback to artists and photographers about their work. Visitors to our website rate the artwork and post feedback/comments about the images they see. As people give feedback, they earn "Feedback Points". Additional exposure to the artist and his/her artwork is a secondary goal.
Why are you in Beta?
    Our site is new and currently in "beta". We are still working behind the scenes to complete the features for the official launch. However, we have opened up our site in beta to start collecting feedback. Once we go live with our main features, we will no longer be in beta.
How do you earn Feedback Points?
    For each rating (1-5 stars) you give on an image, you earn 1 Feedback Point. When you type a personal comment about the artwork/photography, you earn 2-3 Feedback Points, depending on how long your comments are. When you login to the Member Control Panel, you can see how many points you have earned.
What can I do with Feedback Points?
    As an artist/photographer, the more points you have, the more artwork you can upload to our site for feedback. Additional details about Feedback Points will be disclosed when we launch the full website.
How many images can be uploaded?
    During our beta phase, only 3 images per artist can be uploaded. You can upload 1 image for every 20 Feedback Points you earn.
Who created ArtFeedback.com
    This website was created by ArtSlam, a company dedicated to helping artists around the world get more exposure for their artwork. ArtFeedback.com is one more site that can help us with our mission. If you are looking for more features and an artist community, we invite you to check out ArtWanted.com